Connecting to the NBN should now become a whole lot easier

After what has been a tumultuous few years for the NBN, the Australian Communications and Media Authority has stepped in and laid down some new ground rules that all telecommunications companies now have to follow when migrating customers over to the service. 

“These new rules will give consumers greater confidence that their telco will make sure their new NBN service will work as expected and provide options if their connection doesn’t work,” explained ACMA chair Nerida O’Loughlin.

The rules were set after research conducted by the communications authority found that “almost one in six households moving to an NBN service was left without a working connection for more than a week” and “for almost one in ten households, the interruption was for more than two weeks”.

What the telcos need to do

To fix the migration hiccups, ACMA now requires all telcos to:

  • conduct a line test to ensure a customer’s NBN connection is working after installation
  • verify that the existing copper wire use to connect the customer to the NBN is capable of delivering the maximum speeds specified in the chosen plan
  • offer an interim service or make other acceptable provisions for customers where the new NBN service isn’t working and cannot be fixed within three days.

O’Loughlin suggested that the other acceptable arrangements “might be an uplift in their mobile data allowance; for others, it might be a billing rebate or payment to help cover the data charges.” 

The new rules are meant to “complement the recently announced Service Continuity Standard”, a set of rules to minimise the likelihood of customers being left without an internet connection during their migration to the NBN, and will cover all fixed-line services, namely fibre to the node (FTTN), building/premises (FTTP) and curb (FTTC).

Other obligations

While telcos now need to ensure a smooth transition for customers signing up for the NBN, they are also obliged to

"With this package in place, the ACMA now turns its attention to industry compliance with the new rules and any enforcement action required," O’Loughlin added.

While the first set of rules has already been enforced, the rest will take effect on September 21. But ACMA is determined to take a hands-on role in the process. It will “be working with industry to help them to understand and comply with the new rules, including published guidelines and industry 'tune-ups’” and “will regularly report on how things are going”.

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The best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus plans and prices in Australia compared

UPDATE: Telstra and Vodafone are no longer offering the S8 Plus in contract plans, but there are some excellent deals on plans from Optus and Woolworths Mobile below.

If you want to get in on the cutting edge S8 action but were thinking you wanted to make better use of that gorgeous Infinity Display, then the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is gonna be the phone for you. We've collected a bunch of Australian plans that'll get you the best phone on the market without having to sell your house, but if you're after the UK or US page, you can check out the best Galaxy S8 Plus deals in the UK or the best cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals in the US.

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On this page we've collected all the best plans currently going for the Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship, whether you're chasing the most data, best budget offering, or just the plan with the best overall value. We'll also take a look at each of the networks and pick the best plan that each offers.

If you already have your hands on a plan, check out the prices for a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus at our sister site Getprice.

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The best Galaxy S8 Plus plans

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The best Samsung Galaxy S8 plans and prices in Australia compared

Samsung's Galaxy S8 took the smartphone world by storm with its sleek new look and powerhouse specs, so here's your chance to figure out what all the fuss is about without blowing up your wallet. This page is for savings on huge data, budget plans, or simply the best overall value in a contract in Australia, but if you're after the UK or US, head to the best Galaxy S8 plan in the UK or the best cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 deals in the US.

If you're keen on the slickness of the Galaxy S8 but need something slightly bigger, check out our Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus plans here, or check out our Galaxy Note 8 plans if even that isn't enough phone for you.

On this page you'll find the best overall value, best budget option and best big data contract across the major carriers, as well as each of these carriers best plan, so read on for some sweet savings.

If you've already found a neat plan and just need the handset, compare prices for the Samsung Galaxy S8 over at our sister site Getprice.

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The best Galaxy S8 plans

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 plan for each carrier

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Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro may lose user data if the logic board fails

A failsafe feature built into earlier models of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has been removed from the 2018 version, a report from MacRumors reveals, spelling bad news for emergency recovery of user data.

In case of a logic board failure on the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pros, users can take them to an official Apple technician to recover the data stored on the SSD via a specialized mechanism called the Customer Data Migration Tool. 

However, the connection required to use this tool has been revealed to be absent from the 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in a teardown conducted by iFixit, suggesting that such a recovery is no longer possible.

Plan B? Maybe C?

Although it isn’t intended to be relied on, the migration tool provided the last hope for users who could no longer boot their MacBook Pro once the logic board had failed due to the integrated design of the SSD. 

According to “multiple sources” that MacRumors contacted, the tool is indeed incompatible with the 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, but data can still be transferred via its Thunderbolt 3 ports when booting in Target Disk Mode, granted the notebook is still able to boot at all.

A likely reason for the removal of the connection, as MacRumors speculates, is that the 2018 model of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar offers hardware-level encryption for its SSD, just like the iMac Pro.

An internal document obtained by MacRumors – designed to be a guideline for what Apple technicians should tell their customers – apparently advises them to back up to Time Machine often; something we'd strongly recommend as well.

We’ve contacted Apple for an official statement on the issue and will keep you posted with any updates as they occur.

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Nokia 3.1 will release in August, becoming Australia’s cheapest Android One phone

Announced for international release in May, the new and affordable Android One-sporting Nokia 3.1 handset now has official Australian pricing and release date details.

On sale from August 2, 2018, the new Nokia 3.1 will be available from JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman for only $249, officially making it the cheapest Android One handset on the Australian market to date. 

The Nokia 3.1 will also act as the fourth Android One smartphone to be released by Nokia's parent company, HMD Global, after the Nokia 6 (2018), the Nokia 7 Plus and the Nokia 8 Sirocco

Despite its budget price point, the Nokia 3.1 boasts a 5.2-inch HD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, an octa-core chipset that offers a 50% performance boost over last year's model, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of onboard storage, a 13MP auto-focus rear camera and a wide-angle front camera. 

The phone will be available in three colour options (which you can see below): Black/Chrome and White/Iron will be sold at both of the aforementioned retailers, while the third colour, Blue/Copper, will be exclusive to Harvey Norman. 

The Nokia 3.1

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